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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
yeah everyone says its a definite required upgrade. The one i got from ace outlet will hopefully be the real deal and i hope youre right that i won't ever have to worry about my chain again. i also see the breaking strength like a ton+ so i'm thinking it would jack the motor up before it breaks off


its not as tilted as my cheap camera makes it appear and the bike does indeed work now. I'm just in the process of perfecting it.
On my first build I mounted the motor without really understanding all the factors involved, after I rode it a while I decided to relocate it a bit...

I was able to rotate the motor a little bit to level the carb and also remove a little slack from the chain, then I added a small spacer to the rear mount of the motor which gave me enough tension on the chain to eliminate the chain tensioner all together. Removing the chain tensioner was a HUGE improvement, specially when riding with the motor disengaged, way less drag and noise without the tensioner... And one less thing to fiddle with, lots of people work to perfect their tensioner, I was more happy to eliminate it!

On the chain, if it is ANSI rated #41 chain, trust me, you're not gonna bust it! You'll see right away when you hold it in your hand, it's nothing like the chain you got with the kit... In fact it might appear so large and solid you might question if it will fit in place of that thin flimsy chain you have now, it will, and once installed everything will be more better....
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