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Originally Posted by rohmell View Post
So, essentially, rim painting is for those who use coaster and/or drum brakes?
I would figure that caliper brakes would take the paint right off where the pads contact the rim?
I have a 26 inch rim that has Black Anodized Paint or some black coloring but it does not continue onto the sides of the rim where the rim is meant for shoes to contact. The sides are also with about 5 groves that go in the circular direction of the rim. I suspect it is like for better grip in wet conditions. Painting the sides here would fill in the grooves so it would not be a good idea.

I do know that power coat is really another good adhering type of coating, heck it is baked, and as long as it is treated right before the powder is baked it is real good. I did a little of that at a shop for a monthly fee. I am not affording that now though. I even took my RF Wagon with battery and inverter to do some dremeling parts out behind my apt so I would not be on the S list Maybe there is some active noise cancelation devices I can use, but for now that is the manager!

I tried to use the sand blaster on the frame of mine while I was a member at the shop, but the size of the frame would not fit it the chamber that they had there. I suppose I could take it to the coast where I windsurf gales in CA. The beach sand blasts. I can tell my old truck before I ridded of it after 230K mi had the windshield a fine dullness. I'm not sure which would win out over the media blast. Would it be the moist salt air, jokingly!
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