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Hi Amealnet, welcome. First build is more time consuming then difficult although frustrating,. Takes me a good 6 or 8 hours as I really take my time and get every thing right and tight. Half the fun of these things is the installation. Take the time to really enjoy it, would be my advice. (that and double all nuts. I have never tried lock-tight, but others swear by it) Disclaimer; building bicycles with motor assistance is highly addictive and will cause lack of sleep due to dreaming of next build. The inability to turn in to one's own driveway as the "one more time around the block.." syndrome takes effect. the need to speak to neighbors, complete strangers and getting flagged down and asked questions is triplied at least.

Oh, the rear sprocket has (on a happy time/chinagirl motor) 2 rubber mats that are inside and out of the spokes and the sprocket is threw bolted. Very low tech but works great. I use a small piece of wood to measure it's even spacing to the spoke and align it st8. Very important to have it close to perfect and the most time consuming part of installation. I normally do it in my living room wile watching tv.

Good luck with your build and I look forward to your pics!
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