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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by nightcruiser View Post
Good thought, and I understand why you would want a chain breaker in your bike tool pack, I kept one in my pack when I rode the kit chain...
I am sure you will find, like me, after you get real #41 chain on your bike you can leave the chain breaker out of your pack, there is no way you are going to snap a real #41 chain! If you snap this chain I would expect the force required to do that would also put your mind on other things than repairing the chain!

yeah everyone says its a definite required upgrade. The one i got from ace outlet will hopefully be the real deal and i hope youre right that i won't ever have to worry about my chain again. i also see the breaking strength like a ton+ so i'm thinking it would jack the motor up before it breaks off


its not as tilted as my cheap camera makes it appear and the bike does indeed work now. i'm just in the process of perfecting it.
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