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Default Re: First Build Thread - BTR Inspired Cruiser

So, I went ahead and threw most everything on the bike to help anticipate my next wave of issues. No shortage of issues identified.
1. The engine mount is even more of a piece of crap than I first thought. The mounting plate holes don't even line up with the engine. Seriously, it's an easay fix with the grinder, but it's a disgrace...
2. I need to flip the sprocket to minimize the chance of chain rub on the Fat Franks
3. The chain is binding up on the sprocket (see photo below at 3:00). This is an expensive aftermarket sprocket, so I am frustrated. Perhaps the kit chain is to blame?
4. Another niggling little thing: the nuts provided for the tank are too large. The wax (or whatever it is) that makes it a "locknut" is the only thing holding that tank on at the moment.

I plan to take the rear wheel to a bike shop to have the hub wobble looked at and will flip the sprocket at that time...
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