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Default Re: Need help getting it started

check for spark. is the motor turning over when you pedal?

nice to see another rider in the 505. if youre near the ventana ranch or westgate areas i may be able to help you in person if need be.

what kind of oil you using? i am breaking my 66cc skyhawk in with 24:1

by the way everyone, bought my roller chain, chain breaker, and 3 master links (came out to $46.73 so a quarter under what i expected to spend). should all be here between friday and monday so by next tuesday i should be riding nice.

i am also building a "travel kit" to bring with me when i ride. so far i have/am thinking of carrying:
led lights
an extra liter of fuel (oil mixed in)
extra spark plug and spark plug remover tool
extra chain and chain breaker
bike multi-tool (has every tool i need for bike itself but some tools are small/short)
misc. tools (wrenches for the wheels, electric tape, bike air pump, vice grips, extra flat/phillips screwdrivers, allen wrenches)

first aid kit (peroxide, alcohol, gauze, band-aids, clean water, energy bars)

anything anyone else can think of?

i think i am covered for most scenarios like it my chain pops off or breaks, if i get injured, if anything needs to be removed/tightened the tools i have can do it, etc.

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