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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Hello all, I have a very similar "Won't Start" problem, I have not been able to get it started not even one time, not even with a powerful pedaling!
I have a generic 2 stroke 80cc chineese engine.
Everything is installed on the bike as it should be.
It is getting fuel, as I can see the fuel flowing through the hose, I have a standard NT carburator, I took the filter off and it has fuel fumes, I also unscrewed the bottom screww off the carburator just to see if it had fuel on the bottom and it does, so it is getting fuel. I also checked to see if the throthle pulls the needle up and down and it looks just fine, it pulls up and when released it goes back to the bottom as it should.
I replaced the spark plug for a brand new one, replaced the selenoid this time I did not conect the kill switch, STILL WONT START!. I am using 2 ounces of oil to 1 US quart of gas. What am I doing wrong?? Please Help!
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