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Default Re: Rock Solid Engines

I wish I had as much luck with my stage 2 70cc from RSE, after running it in I opened it up a bit and just blows gaskets every time , drives me crazy because It cost $400+ and it is no were near as good as my two 58cc star fire gen II that has so mich more torque and speed, people told me not to full throttle for more then a few secs at a time, but after I got my second starfire I want to see how much I could get out of it, I rode for 40min at full throttle 65 - 70 kmh and it is still going strong with 3500 km on the clock and cost me $260, might be just my bad luck with with a bad batch, I don't know.

I just ordered 50cc Liquid cooled Franco for my next build I can't wait

If anyone wants to buy my RSE
stage 2 70cc pm me
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