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I've not had too many good results with naval jelly, but I have some left from years ago and may try it again.

The used of weaker acids, like vinegar and additionally with electrolysis I have interest in that too.

Years ago I had some of this orsene solution for gold plating. It would not be good on a motor bike since it would wear off with the extreme uses we put them through, but might be an expensive way to store and have a stationary motor bike

The mention of the gases that are coming off the anode and the cathode I know at least from just salt water and electrolysis is one side H1 and the other O2 from water H2O. Inverted test tubes over the bubbling and you can capture the gases separately. You may put them back together and have liquid water again with a spark to get it going. Quite a bit of energy is released be so advised!

Even with being reminded about the easier ways aside from the mention of a combination with 0000 steel wool and your own elbow grease, I will probably use course 60 grit on the frame tubes and get it finished with 600 fine.

Power tools I have a few, but for sanding I have what I think is referred to as the half sheet sander. The vibrating tool I have from craftsmen is great. I got a pad that sticks on the bottom and then has some kind of vinyl smooth surface. That has been there for over a decade now. All I do when changing the sticky one side and sand paper on the other, is peel off easy and stick on another. Cheaper by the roll and I just cut the length I need.

The thing is that it is really for flat surfaces. I saw the vibrating multi tools that will sand and cut (even plunge cut) and so I have this thought of just adapting my sander with a narrow piece of strong flat metal to the bottom of the tool so I can reach areas of the frame tubes better.

I have seen HF discount from $60 to $20, but I have not seen the options on this kind of tool to get to such narrow areas. One other thing I saw was this 3/8 inch belt sander that is hand held. It has a 5 amp motor, but I have seen review saying that the belts come apart at the seam.

I know I would be pressing hard to get the difficult rust off and the cost of the belts seems pricy so I am thinking how I will make the mod to my sander and see what it can do then.

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