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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
well i did a little digging and called a few places. grainger is out the question. $35 for the chain, $45 for the chain breaker. they were the only place is town that had it in stock though so i suppose they are monopolizing on that fact.

either way for $45 online (including shipping) i can get a breaker, chain, and spare master links so i think thats the route i'm going to go. In the mean time I have the chain re-attached with no master link but I have not tested it out yet.

now that i know she works and can run next on the shopping list is a better rear wheel (thinner, maybe one with a welded sprocket). then an aftermarket carb/air filter, then better kick stand (mine keeps loosening up so im thinking of getting a center kick stand), then throttle, then a bigger tank.
If cost is an issue for you, 10ft of #41 chain including delivery is $12-$15 on Ebay or Amazon. I dont know where you are buying from, but $45 seems quite high. I broke my #41 links with a hammer, center punch and vise, and mended the links back together with the same tools to have a one piece chain. If you buy a master link all you need to do is break one link to shorten the chain to length, then mend it with the master link, you should be able to manage this with tools you have around the house and save yourself $30 bucks....
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