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Default Re: 5 miles to a gallon

Originally Posted by Mozenrath View Post
Well, so I can actually contribute instead of yuk it up, here's something else I have to say.

Are you really sure that fuel isn't leaking from your tank? Since I used rubber padding under my tank and since I had over-tightened the mounts, hairline cracks developed around the base of two of the studs. For a while I didn't even notice it was leaking, since overnight it would slowly drip. I was losing so much fuel! After epoxy fixes and poor solder work on my part, I just got a brand new tank from Pirate Cycles. I discovered that the best way to mount the tank is to use double-sided gorilla tape. That way vibration isn't transferred to the studs and I wouldn't have to over-tighten just to get the tank to stay in place.
I hadn't thought of that.. double sided tape would work pretty well. I'd probably still use the mounting hardware as well, but that reduces the risk of overtightening. On the two builds I've done so far I've had to add spacers below the tank on the bar for bike cabling to pass. I did have a cable stay on the frame cause me a pinhole a while back, and it took a while to become apparent and locate it because of the spacers wicking the fuel down the tube. A little gas tank putty and a slight shift back on the tube solved it.


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