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Default Re: I need a ( That was Stupid ) button

well unless the used an aluminum key . There is no keyway cut into the flywheel itself .
no little waffer key

it is sheared off to clean aluminum . there was only an aluminum sliver left in the keyway on the crank . ( its a taper seat , the taper is " supposed " to do the holding .. not the key ) and fortunately the seat in the flywheel or the shaft didn,t get damaged or scored at all .

I personally don,t like that design after having to totally tear down my yamaha Roadstar , when the magneto flywheel spun loose from the shaft ( go figure , the magneto shaft only comes out from the inside of the engine ... and its the first part to go in , and the last part to come out ) . 5 years and "who knows how many" shafts later , Yamaha , just out of the blue decides to ad a key to the shaft .....HMMMM ...
I repaced the shaft and magneto with the newer updated version ( since the added key was the only difference ) .

My guess is that the flywheel key was formed on a forge .
They would do this for 2 reasons :
1- to create a harder seating surface
2- to cut the time and cost of putting in a key
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