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Default Re: Motorbicycling 6V electrical system?

Originally Posted by Finfan View Post
Have you put an oscilloscope on the magneto output? I've done electronics for a while so I'm wondering what type of waveform it has.
I have been too lazy to hook up my own scope, but I read a post by a guy who did and he described the output (going by memory) as "3-50 volts peak to peak and not very clean" or something like that.

To power off the white wire directly the challenge is to find a bulb that will give enough light at low voltage, not burn out from the high voltage, and most important not draw enough power to rob the spark plug. I have a cheap generator light to start my own investigation powering it off the white wire but have not had time to hook it up. Some people report that a cheap Walmart Bell generator set can run off the white wire, others have replaced the bulb and found the right combination by trial and error. I am thinking that if it gives enough light, I still may need to regulate the voltage to keep the bulb intact.

I have seen various configurations to use the white wire. I have heard you can rectify it then use a battery as a sort of voltage regulator to power LED lights and such but it will eventually burn out the battery unless you put in a real circuit to protect it.

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