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Well it's Amsoil Saber @ 100:1 instead of Opti, but here ya go - roughly 10,000 miles on a cheapo HT & changing the head gasket (another fun fact is this thread is about 100:1 - not Opti alone);

Here's an at least 20 year old Yamaha with, that's right - 100:1 printed right on it... SOP for their 2 smokers & has been for decades;

Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
..Someone started this 100;1 thread just to be a flamer and stir up all kinds of arguments this 100:1 nounsence is a sick joke!!! This forum is to help people ...not to mess with their heads by starting ridiculous threads like this one. If you want to know about trollers and flamers just look it up on the net.
I do hope you're not inferring that I, at least one other staff member as well as any number of other, respected members are trolls and flamers - or that we'd allow something like that on this forum.

Run it or don't, state your concerns or ignore the thread - but I'd defo not recommend insulting those that are just relating their personal experiences.

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