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Originally Posted by Barnfresh View Post
Blakenstein wrote:
So what you're saying is the only thing available locally is the Opti-2 injector oil? I was under the impression that Opti-2 for pre-mix is a petroleum based non-synthetic oil, where as the injector oil is a semi-synthetic blend.

I am not sure, its been a while since Ive been shopping but where I live, just about anything is available where I live cause it's the oil capital of Canada, just like Texas is the oil capital of U.S.A. it's just that I remember that I saw it on the shelf once and I remember that it was a semi synth. blend. Anyway, right now, I use MAXIMA Scooter 2t Premium blend custom formulated in the U.S.A. by Maxima Racing Lubricants. This will not be easy for me to get when I run out-only got about 3 liters left-It is really good oil and I mix it between24-30 to 1
Anyway,winter is comming and thats when I change over to SHELL ADVANCE Premiun sno-mo oil although I still have a tiny bit of Castrol Super left.
Any way, oil companies do not recomend any mix at all. It is the engine maker that tells you what to ratio to run in their motors. The oil company will tell you what ratio their oil is good for. example my summer oil is good for any ratio between 24:1 and 50:1 some oils are good for any ratio between 16;1 and 100:1
Follow your engine manufacturers recommendation for propper lubrication.
Someone started this 100;1 thread just to be a flamer and stir up all kinds of arguments this 100:1 nounsence is a sick joke!!! This forum is to help people ...not to mess with their heads by starting ridiculous threads like this one. If you want to know about trollers and flamers just look it up on the net.
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