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Default Re: My First Post. Wish list.

Thank you every one for the input. 40mph may be a bet of a stretch. Just seemed like a good round number at the time. Of course a helmet will always be part of my riding gear. The fat tires are a small safety too. More rubber on the road. Looks good too. Expansion chamber is a must. Porting and carb mods, yes please. I think that i will have to register it as a moped and have moped license. 35mph and under I think to still be classed as a moped in KY. NuVinci hub is what I was thinking of, thank you jasonh. I have a huge industrial catalog, there is all kinds of sprockets in there. Industrial Supply Equipment from MSC Industrial Supply 5000+ page catalog. Every gearhead should have one. Mine has about 10lb of greasy finger prints in it.

Smog pump supercharger.

the bikes
Z50 Supercharger - Planet Mini Trails Webboard
Smog Pump Supercharger - Planet Minis

There is tons more info out there. This is by far not a new idea. These are just a few. Its a lot of tuning and trial and error. Don't know if I would try boosting a 2 stroke though.

Specs for the Morini Mototi S6-S engine.

Morini Motori

Doesn't seem to be an easy engine to find. I may be able to find one of the pocket bikes that uses it easier and cheaper. HELP I don't mind if it is used.

Well again it is late and its been a rough week. I live in Russell Springs KY, right on Lake Cumberland. Any one feel like taking a long ride and showing off there bike, I would love to take a look at one in person. Thanks again you will be hearing a lot from me.

eDJ--The only sheet metal work i have done is patch work on an old Chevy I had. I wanting to make my own tank. Just going to have to start hammering away and see what I can do. I found an English Wheel close by that i may be able to talk the guy into letting me play with it for a while.

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