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Default Re: Motorized Bike Lurching a Bit

Originally Posted by deacon View Post
I have that lurch from time to time and have never found a real answer.

I hope someone can help you with it. My chain was too tight and I think that might be it, but you said tightening yours seemed to help. I thought mine might be the sprocket not centered but it doesnt seem to happen often enough to be that. I mean if the sprocket is the problem it is always off center if thats it. It only lurches now and then.
The chain tightening definitely smoothed out the power transfer to the wheel. I aligned my sprocket with the drive sprocket during the build; it also appears to be true - in the same plane as the drive sprocket. I'm hoping that as I get better at adjusting the throttle, the lurching will diminish.

Funniest thing: I was taking great care during the initial start-up but forgot to turn on the switch (I installed an on/off switch on the black wire to the CDI). I pedaled like crazy... fuel on and showing flow... no luck with a start!!! Took me several attempts to figure out that the switch was in the off position. I have to laugh at myself... being so excited by the start-up and forgetting to turn it on! Feeling like a kid.
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