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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Good to see you again Blake. Thanks for the information.
Thank you Tom, and likewise!! And you are welcome.

P.S. This may be a short visit cause Ive got a 64bit O.S. commin in this week!!
Ive been advised to prepare for the headaches. I dont really need anything over 3.5gigs o ram,but for my old HP/compaq Ill make sure my ram speed is optimum, four 1 gig sticks and then load windows xp pro 64bit on a new hard drive and then start all over. If this works, I will never need a new computer as long as this one runs and it seems to be idiot proof. I screwed up twice and had to reinstall my 32bit windows twice- and its still running!!! Then my O.S. will read a full 4gigs and I can download an upgrade to Windows 7 64bit. However I have to have a 64bit in there to begin with.

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