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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
well i got her running fellas. i think it was just to cold when i tried to start it yesterday so it wouldnt run. now my only problem is the crap chain they give you (came with the kit).

ran it once around the block and when i made it back to my house then the chain popped off (i was lucky i made it back) and i lost my master link. no biggie, i had another.

so after re-aligning my chains (worst part of assembling this bike so far) i tried running her again, started great but the chain popped off once again and i lost my last master link.

i'm reading a should get a #41 roller chain, or a 410 or 415, basically anything other than the crappy one they give you.
I had the same experience with the kit chain, you should replace it before it snaps and you either hurt yourself or your bike. I went with a #41 chain that I purchased through, got 10ft for about $10 bucks (couldn't find any #41 chain locally). HUGE difference, after I put the #41 on the bike I never thought or worried about my chain again, she rode smoother too. One thing about the #41 chain, you can't split the links with a regular bicycle chain tool. You either need a motorcycle or industrial chain tool to work with this chain, or you can use a center punch, hammer and vise. I used the punch and hammer, had to be careful but it got the job done.
One thing you might try with your crappy chain in the meanwhile, take some of the extra links you removed when you built the bike and use them to mend your broken chain. Instead of using a master link just mend the chain links together to have a one piece chain. Without the master link the kit chain is a bit more durable, that might keep you riding until you get your new chain...
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