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Default Re: Stole one of my freakin` bikes

GODDAMN that pisses me off and no thats not life Thats some crack head or some other kind of addict that saw you put it in the truck I'd hate to tell you this but 9 out of ten times it is someone you know or that is close to you.

I would think of everyone that either helped you load it knows you have it stood around your truck long enough to see what you had it tied down with. How else would they know exactly what they need to get it free . It's someone that knows your schedule

. One more thing do not rely on the cops to find your bike because they wont they could drive right by it and chances are the cop out & about has no idea your bike is stolen . Walmart has these little wireless cameras that for under 80 bucks you can set up a nice camera that with minimal light you can see great up to 250' away & the sound quality is unbelievable it pics up conversations in my neighbors drive way that I couldn't hear if I was standing where my camera is mounted. This same camera is the one I have.

GE Jasco 45234 Wireless Color Security Camera - Knobs and Hardware

Walmart has it for $80 bucks. Do not buy the hand held monitor ,they stink & you cant see a thing on them. Camera hooks up to your TV so easily a 5 year old could do it . I hooked mine up through my DVD recorder then to my TV set I record 24/7 I changed my DVD's every 12 hours I keep 2weeks worth of discs then record over the 3rd week..

The wireless camera works up to 75' away from it's receiver however you will need a 110 volt plug for the camera itself If and when you mount it do it by yourself don't tell anyone unless they ask I tell everyone its one of those dummy cameras. If you catch the piece of **** that stole it do me a favor and blast him in the F$%^&*$ face with a baseball bat for me please!!

I take my bike in EVERY night. I have a Bait bike outside that my camera has been fixed on all summer but everyone in my neighbor hood knows all about my gun collections my pistols and how I hat a thief they also know I wouldn't hesitate to blow someones knee cap off if they tried to steal from me I wonder if that's why no one has stolen that bike yet .

They are disappearing all around me just not mine. They got my neighbors sons brand new bike twice in 6 months & he is just 5 houses down the road . This will be my 3rd winter with the same camera it has been through a lot and still is like the day we bought it . I'm just so impressed with the microphone like I said

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