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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
Two things come to mind. First is did you check out the plug to see if it is any good? 2nd if you get no spark it's very possible that the blue wire solder connection to the magneto is bad. There's a way to check this with an ohm meter. Search the site for info on how to check and repair. Was there a new wire on the CD? If it's the old wire that could be the problem, too. It's made in a toy factory from 6 pieces to replace what we do with 3. Failure rates are high for these pieces. sick bike parts has a good replacement plug setup and a nice NGK B6HS plug to go with it, although a B5HS might be better for the cold.
Thanks Dave.

I did replace the plug. O'Reilly didn't have the NGK, so I got a Champion. The plug wire has been replaced from a working Chevy motor that I have, so I know it works.

I'm going to pull the plug and check for spark. I used my ohm meter and checked the magneto, and it checked out OK. The old CDI had no continuity between either of the wires and the plug wire, so I bought another one.

I'm going to reduce the plug gap and see if it may just have a weak spark, and I'll go from there.
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