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Default Re: Gas/oil mix ratio

Got the krank sleigh running today. Not sure what the maker is, but is a center plug 66cc with the weird exhaust and blue case stickers. Carb has Chinese markings and non adjustable main jet. After an unplugged cdi wire, a leaky fuel hose, grenaded rear coaster, and a broken chain, she runs! At first very low and few pops. As it warmed up it got brighter and more lively. Then i started loading the piston on a slight grade. Runs strong and smooth with 20:1 mixture dino juice. Sure ain't a CR 250, but it at least runs smooth and pulls steady with no bogging or detonation. Plug is a nice light brown but I now understand the quest for more power on the forum. Norm thinks it's a grubee. I bought it from eBay. Cheap but Way nicer presentation than the raw engine package I'm using on the mustang. This even came with directions! Lol.
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