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Default Re: Converting Norman's Headlight

All great ideas!

After moped'in all this summer, I've decided to step-up and dive-into motorcycling. Just can't get enough.

I have a need.............................................. ....... A need for speed.

30 MPH just aint cut'n it.

Picked-up a 1983 Honda Magna (this weekend) that will do 160 MPH, if requested. Prior owner demo'd over 100 on open road for me (staying in so-called safe range). When fully tuned, 180 MPH. However, it only gets 50 miles per gallon under normal driving conditions (instead of the moped's 150). Plus, it's solid, and doesn't want to rattle apart on me all the time. Don't need to carry a large toolkit/backpack, either. Weighs about 700 pounds.

And, it's got a babe magnate (passenger) seat. Yes, it's all legal (when used as directed). Sorry, but just had to brag for a minute.

Deciding to keep my mopeds on stand-by for the next gasoline crises. At least all the "kinks" are worked-out, and they seem to be very reliable now. They are my "aces in the hole". Sleeping a lot better at night, so go ahead (oil speculators) and start-up that $5.00/gallon crap again! We're covered.

Now I just have to keep my daughters off them, unless they want to get moped permits.

Sure had a lot of great times with everyone here, "engineering" our way into better fuel economy!

Best of luck to everyone, and see all of you again next summer.


"If it doesn't kill me, it makes me stronger."
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