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Default Re: Stole one of my freakin` bikes

Yeah, sorry to hear it, that's a nice looking bike. It might make it easier for people to spot for you though. Keep your hopes up, and paper the area with "Have you seen this bike?/Call ---" posters.

We got broken into a couple of years ago. Afterwards I found a Uniden 2-camera wireless security system on sale at CostCo for around $100 I think. I just had to find a place to plug the cameras in nearby, and they each came with a pretty long cord and an extension cord. It's receiver/screen is hooked up to a computer in the house, and software records video when the motion sensor on the camera is tripped. The cams are IR also, see well in the dark (the one on the side of the garage sees bats at night). I've added the other 2 cameras the system is capable of since. I can see who's at the door before leaving my chair. The doors of the house, the parking area and inside the garage are all covered now.


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