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Default Re: Need help getting it started

well i tested for spark and got a nice blue spark so i know the spark plug/plug wire works. there is gas at the end of my spark plug (dried it before i tested for spark of course) so i don't know why it isnt firing up

my guess is that i just need to keep on pedaling when i pop the clutch out, stop being so lazy (havent been going half as far as i can go for the fear that it wont start and i have to do the walk of shame and be tired when i make it up the hill to try again)

and yes it has been getting cold here lately (winter weather has hit us in the last couple days) weather in the high 50's to mid 60's but its constantly windy making it feel much colder than it is. during the afternoons if its not windy you can be outside with a shirt and jeans but when its windy, a good jacket/coat or two is almost necessary.

basically i shouldn't be leaving the bike outside in the conditions with gas in its tank, so now its in my garage which stays pretty warm (warmer than outside anyway).

i know fuel is flowing and my tank is clean.

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