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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
my bad on clarity.

by warming up the motor i mean i brought it in from outside and let it get room temperature so the motor wasn't cold to the touch.

yeah apparently you should feel the motor pushing you, i don't feel that so i must be pedal powering it as you say. how do i get it to fire? keep pedaling?

yeah i have decided to just leave the choke down or at mid way.

motor has never been ran, i have a new spark plug and plug wire but i never tested to see if it was sparking (i should remove the spark plug from the motor, put it in the plug wire, put the spark plug on the head fins of the motor while pushing the bike at a decent speed to test for spark right?)

never heard a popping sound just the compression sound.
OK, sounds to me like you have a motor that has not fired up and run at all yet...
Unfortunately you prematurely changed the plug wire and introduced an extra variable and possible point of failure. I have no way of telling if you did a good job on that or not....
My advise for you (notwithstanding the plug wire) would be that you need to double check over everything first. By that I mean make sure your intake and exhaust are securely mounted (they need to be tight and not leaking air), and your carb is fully seated on the intake and sealed, and make sure your gas is flowing. Then take a ride, get going at a fair clip and release the clutch. The motor will start to turn over, mind you it is not "running". Keep riding and turning over the motor and hold the throttle wide open. After pedaling a while she should fire up, you will know when that happens! After you get to this point you should try to let the motor IDLE without a load for the first ten minutes and then ride it gently for a break-in period (so I read in this forum). If you get her running but can't get idle then you need to push forward with more tuning at that point....
As for your new plug wire and testing spark... Yes, you pull the plug from the motor and connect it to the plug wire, then ground the plug on the motor somewhere or with a jumper wire and turn over the motor. With the plug removed the motor will turn over very easily and you should see the plug spark as it turns over. Again, beware of the fuel/spark element here!!!
Again, if your plug is DRY, not smelling or showing gas then I wouldn't worry too much about testing for spark, assume your wire is good and ride her until she fires or until when you pull the plug you see evidence of gas. She wont fire without gas!.....
Good luck....
PS If you are bringing the bike into the house to "warm up" then I assume you are riding in a cold environment. In this case when starting the bike the choke will probably be helpful.

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