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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
am i suppose to adjust it, then try to ride or adjust it while pedaling?

what about the starting procedure i mentioned, is it right? what about the choke?

manual says to pop the handlebar clutch all the way out and keep pedaling until the motor starts and i get mixed answers with the choke. some same it wont start if the choke is all the way up, others say it must be up, some say in the middle, im confused.
No need to be confused about the choke, every motor runs different due to many factors such as altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, carburetor adjustment, cylinder size, fuel mix etc... oh, wait, maybe you should be confused! LOL

Since every build is different these factors vary, that's why you have people saying different things about the choke. If your running rich or living in a warm region you might never need the choke, if your running lean or have to start up in the cold you might need it a lot...

The choke is there to make the motor start easier when cold and help it run better until it is warm, after the motor is warm you shouldn't need the choke. In some cases you might not need the chokes help to start, in some cases the bike will ride better when cold with the choke on but will not idle when you let off the throttle, at that point you can usually let off the choke and she will idle. Again, the choke should only be needed (if at all) for the first few moments the motor is running and then it should be turned off...
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