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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
well i feel dumb. i added more fuel (i only added like a cup to the bike cause i was having leaking issues that i fixed when i get that better hose~just forgot to add more fuel), warmed the motor a bit, took it out front and ran it down my driveway, motor sounded like it was starting up when i slowly popped the clutch out.

only thing, as soon as i stop pedaling, the motor stops and i can't get it to sit idle. i tried giving it gas (twisting the throttle) while pedaling and i got no acceleration. i pedaled 1/2 way down a steep hill and as soon as i turned around to peddle up the hill, the motor died on me. and yes, i have choke on (all the way up)


doing some research, i should:

pull handlebar clutch in
start pedaling
slowly let handlebar clutch out until motor starts turning over
keep pedaling and turn choke down half way (still holding that position on the handlebar clutch)
let the handlebar clutch all the way out and the motor should start
turn the choke all the way down (after a minute or two of ridding cause its cold?)

also, i checked the spark plug, it is shiny wet
I have a real hard time following what you are saying, cause first you say "Warmed the motor a bit" then you say "motor sounded like it was starting up when i popped the clutch". Is the motor running or not??? On one hand you seem to be saying you warmed it up (I assume this means it's running) then you say it sounds like it is running but does not run when you let the clutch out. This usually means you are pedal powering the motor and it is not actually running (I have seen a few people saying similar). When the motor is running you should KNOW IT! You can make the motor turn over by pedaling it, you will hear compression and the sound of the motor "running" but that doesnt mean it is firing. When it fires you will know!

I notice in your pic that your carb has a pretty heavy lean forward, you might want to adjust your choke to lower the fuel level in the bowl a bit, that big a lean is bound to effect the way the carb functions.

Your startup list is a little confused.... You pedal then release the clutch and right then the motor should start running, not when you pull the clutch back in.... It should remain running when you pull the clutch in, but it starts when you let it out.
Has this motor EVER run? Have you felt the pull and heard the POP when the fuel combusts? Does the plug look NEW and dry, or can you see it has fired?
On first run sometimes you need to pedal quite a while with the clutch out, turning over the motor by pedaling (NOT running), with the throttle wide open, when the fuel finally hits the cylinder she should fire....
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