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Default Hey There from Houston Texas

So I was searching for a part to my generator which went out during the days following our good friend Hurricane Ike, and stumbled upon your site. All I have to say is ... I'm in !!!!!!

I searched in my garage an have a ryobi weedeater that I have already got back up and running. It took a little time but it runs like a champ now. I have an old Peugot Road bike that is missing a bunch of essentials but is a light and sturdy frame to work off. I just need to find a donor bike for any parts the Peugot doesn't have. My goal is to build this thing with a budget of 0 dollars. Money is very scarce after surviving a hurricane. I am happy to hear any advice for a new guy. I have fairly decent fabricating skills, and a knack for building wacky things.
Wish me luck.
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