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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
yeah the fuel thing is on, i see fuel in the gas line/hose.

i installed my clutch like so:

How to buid a motorized bicycle Part 8- The clutch - YouTube

what do you mean by catching? if it wasn't i would be able to move my back wheel right? (pulling in the handlebar clutch moves the clutch arm just like in the video, far back enough to release the rear wheel and not piano wire tight.)
For clarity.... Normal condition/operations

Clutch engaged.. Releasing (no hands on) the handlebar clutch lever. Engine when running should propel the bike forward. Normal driving condition. Clutch flywheel making contact with clutch pads. Rolling the bike forward will rotate the chain and try to turn the engine over (Start) Clutch is refereed to as catching by some. Use this when testing spark plug spark. Plug removed, spark plug base grounded to engine. Best seen at night. Little to no tightness on the clutch cable.

Clutch disengaged.. . Squeezing the handlebar clutch lever. Engine running the bike should remain still, as engine running while at a stop sign. No contact between the flywheel and the clutch pads (not catching). Used while peddling before starting the engine. Should be able to peddle the bike with engine running or not. Clutch cable tight like a piano wire.

By pulling the clutch handlebar lever and pressing the pin down in the clutch handle (at the same time releasing the handle) is the same as the clutch being disengaged.

Slipping is refereed to as some contact (not enough to start the bike (clutch engaged) or bike movement when clutch is disengaged), with the flywheel and clutch pads..this is not a normal operation.
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