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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Got a new to me bike, a Dynacraft West Coast LTD. 24"x3" tires front and rear. No front brake and a Shimano coaster brake on the rear with posts for the hand brake setup. I put the Italjet expansion chamber on my Morini S5 E, the motor sits like it was made for the bike I don't like the bicycle style handlebar stem so I'll be making a riser kind of mount from aluminum plate. The LTD has straight drag bike handlebars and I'll be changing those to pullbacks. I have what's called encapsulated adheasions in my shoulders that limit my ability to lean over and strech to reach the bars. Another reason for risers and pullback bars is clearance for the Paughco Porkster tank. 3.5 gallons means waaay more fuel than can be burned in a full days riding.

One nice thing, I bought a set of pinapple sprocket adapters a while back. They didn't fit the bike I bought them for. Almost had them sold but the deals fell through, good thing. They fit like a glove on the LTD. It will be so nice not to depend on a rag joint for rear drive. I will also be using a halfshaft with a possible reduction of a 10-14 tooth halfshaft going to a 44 sprocket. With the 24" tire it should put me in the power range of the Morini. The S5 E is not the most powerful of the Morini's, in fact it might be the lowest at 3.x but the Italjet pipe and a 15mm Dellorto should put out around 4 hp. Best thing about it is the iron cylinder that allows a bore on a rebuild and replacement pistons are avalible on eBay and other places. The motor for it's age is in great shape, though, it looks barely broke in
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