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Default Hello, trying to get there, Newcastle NSW

Hey recently got my 66cc kit about 8 weeks ago off ebay for $118, so i think i've done rather well. so far i've got 1800kms on my bike and loving it. i will say that you do get what you pay for though. i've had a few problems, but nothing too major just yet. first problem was the fuel filter that was connected to the fuel tap clogged up with rust from the fuel tank (rust in the tank from new). secondly i fitted a o-ring to the carby intake, then somehow the bolt clamping the carby to the intake stripped itself, so i was stuck with a carby which was slidding everywhere and couldn't go anywhere. i've picked up a couple of bikes of the side of the road with the council cleanups and stripped certain parts off them, wheels, tyres etc. so got pretty much everything i need. i did get one puncture so i now carry a spare tube. also built a heavy duty rear carrier and fitted front suspension, front disc brake and gel handgrips. although today i still had numb fingers after about 25kms. i have a 50 tooth rear sprocket atm, which tops out at 62kmph (37mph) but i have some very steep hills around my area, so i was actually considering trying to get a 60 tooth if possible. i have a problem with what i presume is 4-stroking. it only seems to happen when the motor is under next to no load. if i cruise along at 24kmph, it seems to constantly "sudden" surge but if i open it up to about 33kmph it is soooo smooth. which is another reason why i'd like a higher reving rear sprocket. by the way legally i can only do 25kmph which i tend to stick too. anyhow happy riding everyone ...
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