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Default help identify my bike, and few questions

Hello all.

this is my bike, could you help me identify the exact bike model, and the engine?:

from what I know, i think its a beach cruiser with a 2-stroke 47cc engine. It goes 27 - 30mph flat.

I also have a few questions if anyone can help me, its appreciated.

The bike seems to bog on, and off when I full throttle. After about 30 minutes of riding it seems to me it does it less often.

Are their any upgrades to the bike I can do to the bike, like the carburetor, I don't wanna do a complete engine change.

Also is it safe to take apart the engine piece by piece, just to look at it, etc ?
I'm curious to see how exactly a motor works, I've only taken off the top part by the spark plug, nothing interesting. Is their any study guide like this that shows the engine inside/out, identifies parts, and what they do?

thanks for all your help, any is appreciated
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