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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
yeah the fuel thing is on, i see fuel in the gas line/hose.

i installed my clutch like so:

How to buid a motorized bicycle Part 8- The clutch - YouTube

what do you mean by catching? if it wasn't i would be able to move my back wheel right? (pulling in the handlebar clutch moves the clutch arm just like in the video, far back enough to release the rear wheel and not piano wire tight.)
When the clutch is engaged, you should not be able to easily move the back wheel. What I'm suggesting is that there's a chance the clutch is slipping. Just because there is resistance, doesn't mean that it's fully catching.

To check for spark you unscrew the sparkplug, leave it hooked up to the cdi and lightly roll the bike, watching the plug for when it sparks at every revolution of the motor. With the sparkplug removed, there will be no compression, which means there will be no resistance.

I don't think you have an electrical problem if the sparkplug is dry though. Your problem is you have no fuel making it into the combustion chamber, so the problem will be the carb or tank. Remove the fuel line from the carb and turn on the gas from the tank. We want to be sure the tank's petcock screen isn't jammed up from the factory. Though you might see fuel in the line, it might not be enough flow to make it into the motor.
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