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Default I had a breakdown today...

I was on my way to work this morning, and when I stopped at an intersection for some traffic to go by I heard an odd noise. Sort of a cross between a click and a tink, not a clink, more a 'tlink' if you will. Only once. Nothing changed about the idle, I got to the next intersection just fine, and while waiting for traffic to clear the idle went from it's usual (slightly high) down to a low idle for 10-15 seconds, then faded out and died. The engine had been running happily (it loves cool mornings) for a good 15-20 minutes by this point, (mis)behaving as it does any other day.

So, I start pedaling, let go of the clutch lever, and nothing. There's resistance but not even the 'put-put-put' of the cylinder passing air. Ever the optimist, I gave it a shot on the way home and had the same result. Then I convinced a bus driver my tank was empty (*ahem*) and got over the hard part of getting home.

Right now I'm too tired, sore, and ill-tempered to look at it, I'd be more likely to break something before I fixed anything with the day I've been having. Any ideas on where I should start looking and what I might be looking for when I have time tomorrow or Sunday would be appreciated. It's the 'standard' 66cc China Girl, probably 1100-1300 kms (700-800 m) on it by the way.

Thanks guys


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