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Default Re: Controversial engine break-in technique

I only used 16:1 for the first gallon. After that I did another half-gallon of 24:1 and then 32:1. I'm now using 40:1 of Red Line Ester Synthetic, and it's still running great.

I seem to remember some guy on this forum trying to "break in" his engine by starting it and then standing the bike next to a tree and letting it idle for a few hours. If memory serves me right, the bike ended up running like total crap.

If I ever swap my engine or build a new MB, I'm probably going to just go with a 32:1 mix for break-in of the ester synthetic and switch to 40:1 after a tank or two. I've ridden it really hard since the beginning, and that doesn't seem to have effected anything.
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