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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
no, i do have a 7mm plug wire, says so on the wire. i cut a little section of wire above the metal ring and there is a white wire inside with a small hole. It fits in the cdi.

disconnected the kill switch, still nothing.

tried to check for spark (let me know if i did it wrong). disconnected the spark plug from the motor, connected it to the hose which was inserted in the cdi. then i pulled the clutch in to free the back wheel and lifted the back of the bike to turn the back wheel while watching the spark plug.

i did not see any sparks.

as i pop the clutch back in while riding it that little 10 feet as i get towards the end i can hear the compression (or probably just the disks re-gripping and ive been told not to intentionally ride with the clutch lever not pulled in).
I don't know how to answer really, "the hose which was inserted in the cdi", HUH??? Hose?
The CDI has the Blue and Black wires, and the spark plug wire, no hoses... If you really need to check for spark you should (turn off fuel) pull the plug, connect it back to the plug wire and you need to ground threaded end of the plug somewhere (with a jumper wire or leaning it agains the motor). Then you need to turn over the motor and watch for spark.... Make sure you don't set yourself on fire, you are messing with spark and fuel here after all....
Back to the CDI... I am getting that you have already removed the original spark plug wire from the CDI? If so, you need to clean all the rubber and glue out of the hole, reveal the wood screw in there which is what makes the electrical connection to the plug wire, cut the new plug wire exposing the conductor in the center and thread the wire onto the wood screw and silicone in place....
If you havent pulled the original plug wire yet I would just work with it until you have it running, it's not good to create extra variables and potential points for failure. The factory wire and cap will work good enough until it breaks....
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