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Default Re: Controversial engine break-in technique

Originally Posted by nidyanazo View Post
Been doing this with my engines since I found it some time ago.
They all run great.

Yamaha R1, CBR600rr, the Morini, and 3 HT's.

Break In Secrets--How To Break In New Motorcycle and Car Engines For More Power

Just thought I'd put it out there, see what ya'll think
I agree with Pat the motoman. always have "broken em in like you want em to ride", but there is one big caveat that no one has addressed, and I'd like to see what Pat thinks- he quotes, "The other factors that have changed are the vastly improved metal casting and machining
technologies which are now used. This means that the "wearing in" of the new parts
involves significantly less friction and actual wear than it did in the distant past."
this does not really apply to a cheaply made chinese engine whose design is stolen from a russian WWII era scooter engine.

just sayin...
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