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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
I got a replacement spark plug (autolite model #425) and a spark plug lead (omnispark model 7d125). Unfortunately the spark plug lead if a little to big (fits the spark plug but doesn't fit the cdi)

it also has a big metal loop on the end that if i squeeze a little i can make it fit in the cdi.

i just tried to fire it up and still nothing. i think the hose is to big. anyone know a good one i can get from o'reilly's? you can check their parts online and tell me which model # to get, id appreciate it.

tried starting it with kill switch attached. its 6:00AM still super dark and freezing out so i didn't feel like trying to untie it. I will try it later today with the kill switch wires untied.
If you are replacing the spark plug wire, after you remove the old wire clean out the hole with some small tools (exacto knife, small nail etc) until the hole is clean and the screw is visible. Then CUT ONE END OFF THE NEW WIRE, hopefully the wire will then fit in the hole and thread down on the screw. When you purchase the wire you should have tried to choose one that is about the same size around as the original, then it will fit! I went to O'Rielly, asked them for single plug wires, they produced a box from behind the counter full of various single wires. I choose what was labeled as a coil wire, it had a right angle spark plug boot on each end and was about 3 feet long. I was able to cut this wire in half and have a wire/boot for two motors, all for about $4 bucks.... Make sure when you install the new wire you coat the outside with silicone, then silicone around the wire where it mates with the cdi after it is installed, to seal it from water and kinda glue it in place.
As for getting her running... get your wire straightened out, disconnect your kill switch (for now, until you have her running), make sure you have cleaned your gas tank and verify that fuel is flowing from it, pull your plug and check condition, if wet dry out the plug and turn the fuel valve off on the tank then wheel the bike around with the motor engaged and throttle full (be very careful to isolate any spark or flame because gas is probably gonna come out the spark plug hole). After you have cleared out the flood of gas with the above method reinstall the plug, turn the gas back on and give her a ride, pop the clutch and keep pedaling while you apply throttle until she fires.... That's what I had to do to get mine running on first try....
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