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Default Re: Need help getting it started

When you can't start it - first thing is ALWAYS to unhook the killswitch.

Blue engine to Blue cdi. This is the power coming in from the magneto to the cdi.
Black engine to Black cdi. This is the ground.

Personally, I wouldn't go changing the sparkplug and wiring just yet, as you don't want to make a problem where you're not sure there is one. Before you ever change out the lead wire, check it with a continuity tester. You will want to change it eventually, but don't go mussing with it when you don't even have a diagnosis.

Next, put the manual in the drawer, it won't help - it will only confuse you.

Honestly, if you're trying to start it like in that video, stop now. Just pedal start the dang thing, especially if it's cold. The guy in that video already had the machine warmed up and primed. I can start mine with a hand on the back wheel and the clutch engaged if it's a nice hot day. Now that winter is set, I have a 15 yard stint before it gets going.

Go through the basic 2 cycle troubleshooting diagram.

(Stage 1) Determine the source of the problem.

Do you have compression?
Do you have fuel?
Do you have air flow?
Do you have spark?
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