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Default Re: Scored an english armstrong

I will just keep it like I do everything else. I like to know the value of things especially if I didnt have it for long E.G someoine came up to me last week while
I was on my motorized bicycle I had my metal detector in my little Instep double trailer along with my waders "I like to detect along the waters edge " up to my waist and this guy offers me $600 bucks for "The whole set up" as he called it. No thanks I think I will keep it but I took his number just so he would go away I don't like to be rude to folks. I paid almost a grand for my metal detector. Why would I sell it and another 800 bucks worth of stuff for 6 bones some people. When I got home I asked my wife "Do I look like I'm hard up for cash or something" To which she replied well....... LOL [/I]
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