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Default Re: Scored an english armstrong

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
Allen what search engine do you use sir?

I have 4 bikes now including my Motorized bad boy and they are all in the living room and the wifey poo is getting a little ticked off.I may have to get rid of one of the bikes.... or her... lol shhhhh ... who said that? My evil twin was to blame!!!

If I was to sell this chunk of history and that's a very , very big "IF" what would be a ball park figure, I should ask?
. I know it's all about what someone is willing to pay for any given item . Whats the going rate for such an item just under 60 years old w/90% of it's original equipment
What search engine? = Mostly Google, Yahoo, &, when I don't know where to start. But generally I know sites of specialty which apply to what I'm searching for. After so many years, my head is packed with trivia about all sorts of things. Sometimes I just know where to look, ya know?

As to a going rate on the bike = That would be tough even for me. Vintage bicycle forums would be able to put forth an idea of what it was worth, a kind of "blue book value" if you will. Ebay would give an idea of what people are willing to pay, i.e. how much you could get for it if you are patient. But that is also dependant on demand in your area. Craigslist would give an idea of current market value; don't forget to check how long a bike has been on there, that's another indicator of demand. Gee, assigning a dollar value to that bike, it could take me some time to do it right. It'd be almost like doing an appraisal.

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