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Where abouts are you? I'm going to guess up around Edmonton based on the temp you mentioned.
I know we have some members on your side of the mountains, there might be someone close by.

As for draining your tank, the best I've managed on my own was:
1. Close the petcock (fuel valve)
2. Disconnect the fuel line from the carb (there will be a dribble from the line, have a rag handy)
3. Take the gas cap off. Put the end of the fuel line into a gas can, and open the petcock. It should drain out.

When I've had to do this I've usually found something to stand the gas can on so I don't have to hold it so I can tinker on other things nearby.

With the high oil mix, you might want to put some 'clean' gas in the tank and swish it around and drain it off.

On the upside, you will be able to blend your heavy premix with fresh to fill the tank for a while. You are at a 5:1 mix right now, I think if you add half a liter of that to 2 liters of gas you'll hit 25:1. You'll probably want to get it higher than that. I'm sure someone else here will recommend a better mix for you based on the running conditions you have there.

Starting it depends on what it's got on it. I hit the primer button on the carb a few times and close the choke (lever up), then I just pedal up to 5-10 k/ph, let the clutch lever go and it coughs, catches and starts. After 5-30 seconds (depending on how cold and damp it is) the engine settles a little, I open the choke (lever down) and take off.

I'd recommend staying away from heavy traffic areas until you've gotten used to it if you can. These little motors can surprise you when you're not expecting it.


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