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I have been reading these forums for the last few weeks, and theres a lot of good info here!

I built two motorized bikes a few years ago, those were 80cc 2 strokes. I just recently bought a huasheng 4 stroke and put it on a beach cruiser.

The thing has been nothing but problems.
The muffler came with a horrible weld. Literally maybe only 20% of the circumference of the exhaust was welded to the plate that attached to the engine. I had to get it re-welded.

The freewheel sprocket on the drive worked itself loose and spilled all the bearings. (Those are 1/8th inch ball bearings if you wanted to know) So I had to replace all those, then I locktited the thing together and then put some JB weld on the threads so it should never ever come apart again. Still freewheels though which is what i intended.

Then, just a few days ago, a clutch spring snapped off and... because I was away from home... and pretty stupid... I drove the thing for about a mile. When I finally looked in the clutch housing I found a part of a shoe arm had snapped and there was black dust everywhere! Anyway, I ordered a new clutch from thatsdax.

Sooo... I dunno who to blame. I got the engine from luckyearlybird on ebay. Since I did all the repair work on the spot (because I'm such an awesome handy man) I didn't need any replacement parts that they offered to give me. I just wanted some of my money back. (300 big ones for that engine) Anyway... didn't get any.

I'm guessing pretty soon the chain drive hootbox will blow up... and then maybe the carb will start leaking... pull start should break in a few more weeks... but I recon when i've replaced EVERYTHING on the engine, I should have something that'll last. I'll be making good use of this forum!

Oh nice to meet you too!
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