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Default Re: Bad crankcase gasket ??s

back by the clutch cable's lower mount there is no need to worry about the engine's crankcase leaking the only thing in that area is the shaft that has the clutch and front drive sprocket in it. You should be good to go. I'll tell you right now it can be a son of a B to split the cases if you don't know what your doing I've done it and had no problem the problem is getting or making a crankcase gasket to replace the one thats there before you split the case they will tear youcan almost bet on that. I have a pattern to make a new case gasket but they can be tough to install right.
You can see sort of whast inside the case if you go to my engine tear down in the classic posts that may give you an idea of whats there.
about the only thing that should leak out of there is grease if its not sealing.
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