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Default Re: Hi all. I suspect i'll be getting to know ya'll

Ok, I see. I found the problem, it was that when mounting the rear wheel sprocket; the bolts that go through that rotate with the sprocket, a couple of them were protruding far enough out that they were rubbing on the frame each rotation. This was not a problem before the chain fell off though but it's all aligned now, and I started her back up after buying a couple more master links.
The chain wasn't too violent of breaking. It just kinda broke at the Master link, yes leadfarmer. It's weird that that would happen but I bought a couple different kinds just in case and put the most sturdy looking one on there so hopefully that should work.
Also again any suggestions on the 415 "more sturdy" chain??
And yes they are so fun leadFarmer I'm convincing a bunch of my buddy's to buy some engine kits so I can help them build they're own!
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