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Default Re: Scored an english armstrong

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
You're all quite welcome. It was no problem at all.

I'm a semi-retired private investigator. Research is what I do. Working for the government, I do it nearly all day long. If information exists on a given topic, I can usually find it in short order. It's one of the things they pay me for.

Incidentally, there's actually quite a bit of useful information about Sturmey Archers out there. The moment I started poking about, specs and diagrams started popping up. They're a very desirable hub.
Allen what search engine do you use sir?

I have 4 bikes now including my Motorized bad boy and they are all in the living room and the wifey poo is getting a little ticked off.I may have to get rid of one of the bikes.... or her... lol shhhhh ... who said that? My evil twin was to blame!!!

If I was to sell this chunk of history and that's a very , very big "IF" what would be a ball park figure, I should ask?
. I know it's all about what someone is willing to pay for any given item . Whats the going rate for such an item just under 60 years old w/90% of it's original equipment
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