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Default Re: I'm really jazzed over a new chain I got today!

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Here's a modified bell breaker- the metal guides in the middle come off easily with a pair of needle nose pliers- so at 6 or 7 dollars it's a great deal- at Wal-Mart EVERYWHERE!

on the other hand I bought this expensive motorcycle chain breaker for almost $25 a couple years back- it breaks the chain, but wants to bend it sideways- and it doesn't seem to hold the back plate to push the chain pin back in again- I had to hammer it and it doesn't want to finish it-

am I doing something wrong?- I've worked in bike shops aplenty over the years- and could break my racing chain at the right length on sight. But this thing is screwy-

the old Cyclo breakers back in the day looked like the Bells, but always came with an extra pin- cause those bend easily, especially if you haven't done it before

Don't force the pin- sometimes you can get it started better with pliers. I think you may have to get the pin in slightly to use the Bell to push it back in - the threads on the tool are very carefully of a length as to NOT WORK with the wider width-


this newer chain is actually slimmer looking from side to side- but just as wide inside- not as sloppy as the kit chains
Hey Nash,

I bought the Bell chain breaker like the one you have and broke off the center pieces. When I tried to break the chain, the needle kept slipping off of the chain and cannot push the rod through the chain. Is there a trick to getting the rod out using this cheap tool?
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