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Exclamation Re: Hi all. I suspect i'll be getting to know ya'll

ALRIGHT!! WOOHOO. oh yeah you know what that means. no newbie no more ha. Well maybe I am ...
Well I got it running finally just had to do some tweaking here and there with the throttle and spark plug and thanks to you guys I knew my spark was sparking and my gas was good I just ran the procedures how you said rc thank you very much for your help.
But.... Ok there is always a BUT, nothing ever is perfect with these things as I have come quickly to find out.
So I was cruizing along and on my way back to the house cause I didn't want her, my little china girl as I guess you guys call them haha, well I didn't want to over do her right away and well the chain broke, leading to a happy but irritated me. another master link should get her in place but any suggestions on the 415 chain vs. the standard chain, which mine has?
Also there is something wrong with the back tire now. Every full rotation there is a large CLUNK' like it is out of balance or something I hope someone recognizes this and can help me out with this I'm really not sure what the heck is wrong. It is just riding and then clunk it hits my fender. every rotation.
I was so happy riding her around my neighborhood just now everyone was looking at me. like wow! lol it was so great.
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