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Default Re: Scored an english armstrong

Originally Posted by Intrepid Wheelwoman View Post
If there are no cracks or other damage it would be reasonably simple to straighten those forks with a large bench vice and a nice solid length of pipe. The trick is to gently ease the fork legs back into being true again and not to try doing it all in one huge heave. Rag stuffed into the end of the pipe around the fork leg will stop the fork leg from being marked as you gently apply leverage. If a mere woman such as myself can do it I'm sure you won't have any problems
Ive been blessed Intrepid as far as the forks go.
Several of my ancestors were black smiths "back in the day", forging ,bending , cutting welding , threading ,fabricating seems to run in my families blood, what ever I do do heat will not be part of the procedure that's for sure. & I will not rush it Just waiting to see if it is claimed first Seeing that is what makes me think it fell off of a truck or ma motor home of some sort there was also two broken spokes I just couldn't leave broken. does anyone know anyone who might have a cheap plasma cutter " No not for the forks " I just want one and I don't have an extra grand right now just laying around. I bought one a few years back but the local crack heads broke into my shed and well......I no longer have a plasma cutter.
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